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Forever Mighty

Wherever you travel in the world, you can find communities and individuals who are the local stewards of their place. For many, Utah is both their home, and their passion.

As you plan your travels, have you considered ways you can visit more thoughtfully? Traveling responsibly means planning ahead. Reading ahead. Slowing down and stopping to fully appreciate all that is around you. For some, it can mean giving back or supporting local. Becoming ambassadors of place. Coming back year after year or ensuring that others can.

This is a shared travel ethos we call Forever Mighty.

Tips To Recreate Responsibly

Visitors to public lands should be self-reliant and come prepared to recreate responsibly. 

  • Plan to pack out your trash. Trash receptacles overflow quickly during busy weekends. 
  • Proper human waste disposal is important to preserve natural areas and for public health. Come prepared with a disposable toilet system in the event restrooms are unavailable. Review the tips or watch the video.
  • Extinguish campfires completely, ensure spark arresters on off highway vehicles are working properly, and never detonate fireworks on public land. Please do not use explosive targets during recreational shooting; use is illegal in Utah. 
  • The weather can change quickly on public lands. Bring layers of clothing. If rain is in the forecast do not enter any slot canyons or areas that are prone to flooding. 
  • Travel on designated motorized routes and trails. Do not create new trails or bypasses around obstacles. 
  • Reduce your impact on dispersed camping areas by choosing existing, previously disturbed sites. Do not create new sites.
  • Let someone know your itinerary and the time you expect to return. Share a plan of action if you miss anticipated check in times. 

Visit Utah's National Parks Like You Know What You're Doing

Written by Ryan Coons

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Get the most out of a visit to Utah’s parks and monuments, while also ensuring they stay Forever Mighty, by following these tips.

Support Local, Responsible Travel

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How-to Utah

Your #ForeverMighty Moments

Tag #ForeverMighty on Instagram to share what it means to be a mindful and responsible traveler in Utah.

Support Local 

Planning extra time in your trip to pause and enjoy the towns along your itinerary introduces you to the local flavors and personalities who draw their inspiration from the natural beauty that surrounds them. Even better, visiting their restaurants, local shops and outfitters supports local and helps keep those communities vibrant, thriving and welcoming.

Explore Utah’s top airport cities, red rock basecamps, northern mountain cities and top historic basecamps on our cities and town page.


How to Support Local On Your Utah Road Trip

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Many small businesses in Utah rely on tourism for survival. These expert tips help road trippers make a real difference in communities by supporting local.

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Forever Mighty Field Guides 

Utah’s natural landscapes become easier to appreciate thanks to the guides who help us along the trail. Sometimes guides offer the kind of wisdom, both lived and learned, that's hard for adventurers to absorb in any other way.

We've launched a series about the lives of Utah’s guides — people whose avocations and vocations have drawn them deeper into the canyons, mountains and deserts that most of us simply visit. Those who help us recreate responsibility. Those who share what can be termed the Forever Mighty ethos.

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