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Consider traveling late spring through fall. Summer can get a bit hot during the day, but many reservoirs and rivers make for great cooling off experiences.

In honor of 2020's women's suffrage anniversaries.

The best of southwest Utah and Northern Arizona.

First time to Salt Lake City? This is SLC 101.

Night owls rejoice! This remote region offers stunning displays well into the night.

Prioritize wellness in southwestern Utah

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Meet the Women Leading Utah's Food and Beverage Renaissance

From craft cider-makers in Southern Utah to Alpine-style cheese artisans up north, Utah’s female tastemakers are leading the charge for great eating and drinking in the Beehive state and beyond.

Darby Doyle
Darby Doyle
Freelance Writer, Culinary Historian, Booze Geek
It’s About Time We All Unplugged

After months of being grounded and at home, we’ve all been disconnected from each other but connected permanently to our devices. It’s time to pull the plug—literally. In Utah, you can find far-flung places to reset, wellness resorts that promote digital detox, and destinations where you can swap screen time for much-needed adventure time.

Megan Michelson
Megan Michelson
A Grand Tour of the San Rafael Swell 5 min read

Every year, the San Rafael Swell’s hidden wonders draw us. This grand tour goes into the heart of the Swell from north to south, connecting the uplift’s spectacular views with playful slot-canyon hikes, bike excursions, rock art, dinosaur bones, and soft-serve cones in town.

Radha Marcum
Radha Marcum